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Bringing together European Studies scholars and practitioners from across the island of Ireland to foster collaboration, source funding, and disseminate scholarly research on European Integration and membership of the EU.


The Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies (IACES) aims to bring together European Studies scholars and practitioners from across the island of Ireland to foster collaboration, source funding, and disseminate scholarly research on European Integration and membership of the EU. The association will also seek to contribute to future public and political discussion on the question of Ireland’s EU membership.


Our Aims

  • to promote teaching and research in contemporary European Studies;

  • to provide a forum for discussion of contemporary European issues;

  • to publish work of high quality in European Studies;

  • to maintain and foster links between tertiary educational institutions;

  • to foster links and collaboration among academics in Ireland and internationally;

  • to engage with interested government and non-government organisations.





We have been holding conferences and events for almost 40 years around Ireland aiming to promote teaching and research in European Studies, and provide a forum for informed and detailed discussion of EU issues relevant to Ireland.


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