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IACES is celebrating #EU50

IACES and our members are marking 50 Years of Ireland in the EU in 2023. Find out more about our events and engagement below.

Image by Alejandro Luengo

Mary C. Murphy and John O Brennan on Ireland's fiftieth anniversary of EU membership

On 30 December Mary and John published an opinion piece in The Irish Examiner, reflecting on Ireland's 50 year anniversary of EU membership and argued that much more effort needed to go into 'Communicating Europe' to the Irish public in the years ahead.


Mary and John also appeared on the Newstalk programme, Talking History, on 1 January 2023 to reflect on the lessons learned from Ireland's experience of 50 years of European integration.


John O' Brennan addresses the Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs

On Wednesday, 7 December 2022 John O' Brennan addressed the Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs on the theme of recruitment of Irish nationals to the EU institutions and how Ireland might better 'communicate Europe' to the Irish people. You can view the meeting here:

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