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Book launch event with Daniel Mulhall 'Nationalism in Internationalism: Ireland’s relationship with the European Union'

When: Thursday 28 March, 3pm GMT

Where: Europe House, 12-14 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 (D02 W710)

In a highly distinguished career in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Mulhall was formerly Irish ambassador to Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and was also Assistant Secretary for the EU Division of the Department. He has since been visiting professor of Irish Studies at New York University and Parnell Fellow at Magdalene College in Cambridge.

Mr Mulhall will be launching “Nationalism in Internationalism: Ireland’s relationship with the European Union” by Dr Michael Holmes (Associate Professor of Political Science at the European School of Politics, Catholic University of Lille) and Dr Kathryn Simpson (Associate Professor in Politics and Economics of the EU, Keele University) and published by Palgrave Macmillan.

To register for attendance, please email

All Welcomed!

This event is supported by IACES (the Irish Association for Contemporary European Affairs)

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