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In Conversation: Bertie Ahern, former Irish Taoiseach & Dr Giada Lagana

The European Dimension of the 1998 Belfast/Good Friday Agreement

8 May 2023 – Royal Irish Academy – 5.00 pm.

Georges Boulougouris / European Communities, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

To commemorate GFA @ 25, the Irish Association of Contemporary European Studies (IACES) will host Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach during the historic negotiations and signing of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement in April 1998, in the Royal Irish Academy for a conversation about the European dimension of the Agreement.

This event is in-person and online.

Join us for a hybrid in conversation event between Bertie Ahern and Dr Giada Lagana (President of IACES) as they reflect on the subtle European dimension of the negotiations which led to the Agreement, the importance of EU membership on British & Irish coordination, and the subsequent EU support for the peace process.

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